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Watch About Kriyas

Watch About Kriyas

Up Next in Complete Yoga for Freediving Programme

  • About the Lectures

    ABOUT LECTURES: This is as close to personal coaching with me as you can get without actually getting on a plane. These lectures form the basis of my teachings, primarily looking at, gaining awareness over, and learning to work with our minds, belief systems, and fears.

    If you want to know ho...

  • About Pranayama

    ABOUT PRANAYAMA: Pranayama are yogic breathing exercises based on ancient techniques and wisdom. 'Prana' refers both to our breath, and also to the life-force energy within and around us all. Pranayama therefore go beyond training simply our breath and breath hold capacity, but also work on how y...

  • RELAX 1. Lecture: Ong Namo

    ABOUT THE ONG NAMO LECTURE: This is the first lecture I deliver to any student. It is also one of the most powerful lessons we can learn in our freediving.

    We tend to dive in the same way that we approach life; that the harder we try, the more chance we have of succeeding. Changing this appro...