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Watch About Pranayama

Watch About Pranayama

Up Next in Complete Yoga for Freediving Programme

  • RELAX 1. Lecture: Ong Namo

    ABOUT THE ONG NAMO LECTURE: This is the first lecture I deliver to any student. It is also one of the most powerful lessons we can learn in our freediving.

    We tend to dive in the same way that we approach life; that the harder we try, the more chance we have of succeeding. Changing this appro...

  • RELAX 2. Meditation: Learn to Meditate

    ABOUT LEARN TO MEDITATE: Every action is the result of a thought, whether we are conscious of it or not. If we want to change the outcome of our actions, in this case, improve our dive performance, the most effective way is to begin to train our mind to think in different ways.

    Learning to med...

  • RELAX 3. Pranayama: One Minute Breath

    ABOUT ONE MINUTE BREATH: If you need to relax you have to be able to deal with your own stress. This pranayama is the most powerful stress-busting exercise you can do. It will also train your mind to focus, your heart to trust and will extend your breathhold! Seriously! All that in one exercise.