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Watch RELAX 2. Meditation: Learn to Meditate

Watch RELAX 2. Meditation: Learn to Meditate

RELAX 2. Meditation: Learn to Meditate

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  • RELAX 3. Pranayama: One Minute Breath

    ABOUT ONE MINUTE BREATH: If you need to relax you have to be able to deal with your own stress. This pranayama is the most powerful stress-busting exercise you can do. It will also train your mind to focus, your heart to trust and will extend your breathhold! Seriously! All that in one exercise.

  • RELAX 4. Lecture: Trust and Surrender

    ABOUT TRUST AND SURRENDER: Trust and surrender are key concepts in great, safe, deep dives. It's easy to talk about them, but really getting yourself to a place where you embody them in your dives, is much harder.

    We all know that in order to dive deep we need to confront and let go of our eg...

  • RELAX 5. Visualisation: Isolated Cont...

    ABOUT ISOLATED CONTRACTIONS: As relaxation is such a crucial part of freediving, we need to learn to be as relaxed as possible throughout our body even though some parts of it are working physically and will be contracted.

    This video will improve your body awareness, which is key to being abl...

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