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Watch Success & Failure 5: Kriya - Sat Kriya

Watch Success & Failure 5: Kriya - Sat Kriya


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Success & Failure 5: Kriya - Sat Kriya

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    This guided visualisation is one of my favourites - students ALWAYS enter the water in a super-chilled space and are amazed at how easy, relaxed and amazing their dives are after listening to this. As well as being an amazing preparation for training and performance dives, it's also an incredible...

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    ABOUT MEDITATION: If the mind is our most powerful servant, meditation is the way we ensure the servant receives clear instructions and does what we actually want him or her to do!

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    ABOUT KRIYAS: The word 'kriya' means 'completed action'. It is therefore both a single exercise and a series of exercises that is designed to have a specific outcome. The kriyas in Kundalini Yoga work to direct energy within our body and mind by using specific breathing techniques combined with a...