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Watch PDP 6: Lung Stretches - Beginners

Watch PDP 6: Lung Stretches - Beginners


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PDP 6: Lung Stretches - Beginners

Pre-Dive Preparation Premium • 12m

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  • PDP 7: Lung Stretches - Intermediate

    This intermediate lung stretch sequence builds on the first level, increasing the pressure and tension on both the inhale and exhale lung stretches. Divers who are reaching residual volume, ie reaching their frenzel failure depth, should ideally be working with these stretches.

  • PDP 8: Lung Stretches - Advanced

    These advanced lung stretches are for divers who are using the mouthfill and are going to 50m and beyond. The pressure of these deep dives needs to be supported by dry exercises to ensure the lungs are flexible and strong and can handle the increasing pressure without suffering damage. It is advi...

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    Without meditation our servant is free to do exactly what he wants, when he wants, and then we wonder why our di...

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