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Welcome to Yoga for Freediving with Sara Campbell. Learn the secrets of deep freediving, which harness the awesome power of your mind, and work in harmony with the natural wisdom of your body and the ocean.

Sara Campbell is a four-times World Record holding freediver and Kundalini Yoga teacher. She is the founder of Discover Your Depths, a unique teaching and personal growth philosophy based on yoga, meditation, freediving and mind-body-spirit awareness. Let her guide you through the yoga exercises, meditations and pranayamas that helped her dive with ease and grace to 104m!

Yoga for Freediving with Sara Campbell brings together the core of Sara's teaching into six amazing online courses. Her clear, profound, often humorous teaching guides freedivers of all levels through the labyrinth of the mind, body, spirit connection, taking you from a place of frustration, confusion, injury and fear, to one of relaxation, trust, acceptance and bliss.

Freediving as a spiritual path! Join Sara on this amazing journey and let the magic and miracles unfold...

About the Programme

The full Yoga for Freediving programme contains six yoga-based freediving courses, each bringing you around two hours worth of advice, exercises, techniques and meditations to help you tackle what Sara considers to be the six crucial aspects of freediving as a spiritual journey:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Manage Your Mind
  • Success And Failure
  • Training And Performance
  • Energy Beyond Breath
  • Pre-Dive Preparation

Every course also contains 22 FREE HOW TO videos to help you with the fundamentals of freediving, and how to create an effective meditation practice to support you on this journey.

Yoga for Freediving with Sara Campbell


If you want to kick-start your Yoga for Freediving journey or are looking for more personalised support, upgrade to PREMIUM. Not only will you get the videos in the course, you will also get a personal consultation and three one to one online coaching sessions with Sara!

There is a limited number of PREMIUM courses, so if you want to get Sara's personal advice and feedback on how to maximise your Yoga for Freediving learning, sign up today!


Included in every one of the Yoga for Freediving courses!

The 22 FREE HOW TO... videos cover the essential basics necessary throughout all of the Yoga for Freediving courses. Please watch them to familiarise yourself with some of the most important yogic and freediving terms and techniques which I use again and again throughout the programme and courses.

The yoga warm-up exercises are really important for creating structure in your daily practice - you will learn how to prepare yourself for meditation so that you can begin to effectively train and discipline your mind, so that it can serve you in the most awesome ways!


A bit about Sara

Sara started diving in 2006 in order to safety for a friend. Just nine months of training later she held a World Record in each of the depth disciplines (56m No Fins, 81m Free Immersion and 90m Constant Weight), and took her first World Championship gold medal. Since then she set a further official World Record in Constant Weight (96m), and in 2011 became unofficially the deepest woman in the world with a dive to 104m.

Her own freediving career, and her entire teaching philosophy, has grown out of her yoga and meditation practice. She realised that without harnessing the power of our mind, we operate primarily from our fear, and severely inhibit our potential for growth and expansion. Without recognising our spirit we operate within the very limited confines of our comfort zone and have no understanding of our true Self.

Sara teaches yoga and freediving in Dahab and around the world and feels that her 'accidental' success is the Universe showing her her purpose and destiny in this life; to teach and share what she has learned through her profound relationship with, and love for, the ocean. For Sara freediving is simply a metaphor for life; the ocean mirrors our fears and insecurities back to us and, with this new awareness, we can live without boundaries and fulfill our dreams and our potential.


with Sara Campbell

Discover Your Depths freediving is a philosophy based on 'less is more'. It is about letting go, giving up the struggle for numbers and increased depth, so that they can come naturally, and with ease. It is about ending the cycle of stressful dives, fear, or squeezes. It enables you to truly understand and listen to your body and your intuition and become your own coach. Ultimately it is about returning to the bliss, fun and magic that made you fall in love with freediving in the first place.

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Learn the secrets of deep freediving and harness the awesome power of your mind to work in harmony with the natural wisdom of your body and the ocean.


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